Steve Joy

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Steve  Joy Architecture of Silence (Fontenay) II
Architecture of Silence (Fontenay) II
Mixed Media on Paper
33.2 x 25.5 in
Steve  Joy Burma Buddha
Burma Buddha
Mixed Media
60 x 48 in
Steve  Joy Cathedral-Noirlac
Mixed Media on Fiberglass
30.8 x 29.25 in
Steve  Joy Fontenay V
Fontenay V
Collage on paper
12.75 x 12.12 in
Steve  Joy For Athens III
For Athens III
Collage, acrylic, shellac, bees wax on paper
39 x 29.5 in
Steve  Joy Le Thoronet
Le Thoronet
Mixed Media on Paper
12.75 x 10 in
Steve  Joy Moorish House
Moorish House
Mixed Media on Fiberglass
23.625 x 31.25 in
Steve  Joy Loc Dieu
Loc Dieu
Mixed Media on Paper
12.5 x 10 in
Steve  Joy Scriptorium
Mixed Media on Paper
12.75 x 10 in

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