Steven Ramsey

Turn and Turn Again - Steven  Ramsey

Turn and Turn Again, 2018

06. Studio Glass  
6 x 6 x 6 in

Cast Vaseline Glass and Optical Lead Crystal, Laminated, ground and polished. Black Sand. During the concept phase for Ballad of the Farm, Ramsey designed this piece representing the impression and patterns of rows of plants and the cycle of not just irrigation, but conceptually included the whole system of cycles, including changing seasons, rotation of the earth, all these patterns that overlay on each other. The piece is a laminated form though you can only see the two different types of glass from certain angles. Ramsey also used a rare Uranium based glass, which is UV reactive, to add a hidden layer of perception to the piece. When rotated the piece impresses a flattened circular pattern on the sand.

$ 2,850.00

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