June 29, 2016

Six Ways to Look at Your Life


Shaping Your Immediate Future


Six Ways to Look at Your Life

We all want to know what we’ve become during this brief life. This image provides a peek into your psyche as it strives to bubble up to the level where suffering vanishes and fully integrated living begins.

The vertical dark red bar on the left is your physical self, darkened with age, barely half way up to perfection. Next to it, your mental self, defined by six levels of understanding.

Moving to the right, examine your emotional self, your tallest bar, your dancing star, striving for a joyful, free existence.

One step further to the right is a measurement of your visionary self, erasing boundaries, beckoning the future, expanding into pure potential.

Finally, to the far right, acknowledge your spiritual self: it exists to listen to your highest voice; it is receptive to your ancient roots, overflowing with shimmery grace.

Across the top lies a layer of memory, mystery and meaning. This is the capstone of your earthly journey.

At the very top, your psyche is protected by an infinitely broad, connective tissue of abundance and expansion. Because of it, you feel both benevolent and grateful when nothing in particular is happening.

That is when you know you are human and that no matter how high or low your six bars are, you’re where you need to be right now, right here.

The value of seeing oneself in this way cannot be overstated.

Shaping Your Immediate Future

Something precedes you, wherever you go. It juts out in front of you and to the side of you. It is a special type of energy that comes from your essence, your highest self. People sense it, but they cannot put their fingers on it. Animals feel it immediately and know you when you come near again.

This energy is so powerful it prompts others to respond to you in certain ways a few seconds before you enter their personal space. It literally shapes your immediate future! It translates your mood and attitude into a welcome mat or a warning sign. On your good days, it is like a happy greeting from your best friend. On bad days, it sends an instant message: “My pain body is in control. Avoid me or prepare to be unhappy as well.”

This inspired image from Steve Joy reminds us that we determine our future by remembering our special energy and its influence on others. We can use it to open doors or create barriers. But first, we must see this energy emanating within and extending outward, shaping everything.

We must know it is there whether we value its existence or not.

Bring Steve Joy’s image into your life for beauty, yes. Its aesthetic vibrancy is enlivening. But be clever: use it also as a therapeutic tool to remember how you shape those events that just seem to happen.

The dark brown block of energy at the top of Joy’s lustrous image is your leading edge, your point of attraction, your forward motion and symbol of control.

This is the true meaning of “alternative energy management.” It answers so many questions that begin with “Why?”

Download:   Six Ways to Look at Your Life and Shaping Your Immediate Future

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